Friday, November 2, 2007

Don't Be A Halloweener

...You know who you are -- too old or too cool to dress up, but enjoy free-loading off the positive holiday qi of others. This year Hannah & I decided to be positive contributors of the good cheer by dressing up with the kids. We let Sophia settle upon a theme and then collaborated on costume designs. The evening was super-fab as we walked the streets of Beacon Hill with our friends. Side note -- if you ever have the opportunity to go to Beacon Hill at it. You won't find a better neighborhood for trick-or-treating festivities. The night was Spooktacular.

Hand Over The Remote

So Hannah can't quite seem to get her act together here, so I'm stepping in at least temporarily to provide some stability to our failing blog-life. I'm sure she's failing on purpose in order to boost my self esteem since it seems that she always has "it" together and I'm never even in the same area code as "it" most of the time.
As far as this blog goes, I'm going to think about what it is I want to accomplish here and get back to you. All I do know is that it will be a bit different to the one that Hannah had....or tried to have. But for now, she's officially handed over the remote -- which means we're going to watch what daddy wants to watch.